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Use of Cookies, JavaScript, and API

4 Jan 2021

The current policy assumes B2B sales and marketing is the focus of this website. In future, should we move from being a B2B to being a B2C web site, with store and payments technology, this policy will be updated.

Currently, we use a variety of ubiquitous open technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript coding and cookies that are essential to make work navigationally and present an attractive user interface for our marketing material that describes our consultancy and services.

We also host some specialised B2B integration demonstration API using technologies such as Boomi® hosted on a LAMP technology stack where the web domain is owned by It Continues Now Ltd, but the physical server is on an ongoing subscription with a cloud infrastructure provider.

Your consent to view the site or demonstrations is assumed when you press button “Allow All” button on our home page.


We use cookies as follows:

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Links to third party sites

In the content of this site we refer to service partners, technologies, research, B2B standards & concepts and may offer links for further reading of such. It Continues Now does not enter commercial arrangements for click through traffic. On entering another site they will present their own policy and consent arrangements.

Demonstration API and data retention of payload

We host API on that are implemented using Boomi® technology, an integration platform as a service owned by Boomi Inc, a Dell Technologies Company. We subscribe to their service as part of our membership of their Boomi Partner Programme. These API are for non-production software demonstration only and we clear down any data passed to our databases within 48 hours after the demonstration has concluded. Furthermore, Boomi itself does not retain any transactional data when these API are used and is not liable in any way for their use. There may be periods, due to routine maintenance, the API services are not available.