It Continues Now, through Volt Europe, extends contract for management of eCommerce on-boarding of suppliers at leading global US manufacturer

It Continues Now is currently has agreed to the extension of their contract to assist a leading US global manufacturer on-board their supplier base to their leading eCommerce platforms until  March 2021.

It Continues Now, over last 2 years,  has managed eCommerce integrations to connect over 60 Suppliers trading with over 10 of our end clients EMEA  entities to manage supply of critical raw materials to over 30 manufacturing plants. A variety of Source to Pay integration models have been used (discrete order to invoice, scheduling agreements, supplier managed inventory) using a variety of eCommerce tools (classic EDI, Elemica Cloud, Corcentric portal) with data being exchanged in real-time with the manufacturers SAP ERP.

It Continues Now, through Barclay Meade, manages EDI/B2B partner on-boarding programme at leading flu vaccine pharma company

From August 2017 through March 2018 It Continues Now, through  Barclay Meade, contracted for a leading global provider of flu vaccine managing their EDI/B2B team as part of a multi-region SAP implementation.

Deliverables included management of a budget >$0.5M reporting to the Project Management Office, producing Statement of Work for 2 B2B/EDI Service Providers, running a team of 4 consultants work schedule and reporting progress to business stakeholders.

EDI/B2B messages were mainly ANSI X12 / EDIFACT / SAP IDOC XML on an OpenText managed service platform to support a SAP sales orders to cash process with an eInvoice service provided by EDICOM.

The team successfully implemented  EDI/B2B to support sales, distribution and billing with customers, logistic partners and eInvoice providers in Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, US, Canada and completed design preparation for the next wave in Australia and New Zealand with handover to an APAC region implementation team.

We thank them for the contract and give our best wishes for successful business execution to combat northern hemisphere flu season 2018-19 and their upcoming southern hemisphere implementation in 2019. We also give many thanks to our agency Barclay Meade for marketing our services, contract compliance diligence and the business administration through the execution phase.

It Continues Now advises leading SaaS Company in Trade Promotion Management sector

In July 2017 It Continues Now completed a short research and advisory assignment for a leading Gartner listed SaaS Company* in the Trade Promotion Management sector. The focus was on next steps to upgrade their B2B/EDI/Data Exchange integration platform to meet tier one FMCG client expectations. A high level “as is” / “to be” functional analysis combined with possible vendor iPaaS solutions was presented. We wish them every success on their next steps.

*Due to an non-disclosure agreement the company name is not published.

It Continues Now formed – 29 June 2017

It Continues Now Ltd, a vendor neutral company, helps companies who are looking to transform their existing legacy EDI/B2B/EAI platform to a cloud based leading integration platform (iPaaS) or need help running their on-boarding programme effectively. The drivers are to reduce IT infrastructure spend, simplify the routine concerning connectivity/mapping, expand service capabilities through use of third paty APIs and implement rapid on-boarding with partners. We help you select an appropriate new integration iPaaS platform based on business process complexity/budget and manage your initial pilot implementation, with key partners. We train your staff to “Business As Usual”​ and work with you to ensure a full migration.